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But in 1996, a new law made it illegal for individuals to post child pornography and obscenity online.

The law also targets individuals who indicate a willingness to travel for the purposes of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

News about the law, however, was not widely reported.

During his conviction in early 1997, Johnston made a statement encouraging the media to inform the public about laws related to Internet pornography.

You can explore different aspects of your sexuality without exposing yourself to communicable diseases or public ridicule.

Easy access, anonymity, and affordability have made Internet porn more attractive and seemingly less dangerous than past outlets for sexual experimentation.

Soft-core pictures of women in lingerie will soon become boring and you will seek full nudity, and as that loses novelty you will look for something more enticing. Victor Cline, of the University of Utah, has studied this escalation and reports that it proceeds according to four steps. Desensitization: You begin feeling numb towards the images you see. You become desperate to feel the same thrill again, but you can’t find it.

Acting out sexually: This is the point that you make a critical jump and start acting out the images you have seen and rehearsed in your mind. Charles Taylor Johnston wasn’t looking for pornography when he stumbled onto photos of children in sexual positions in an America Online chat room.

They have their web of Internet sites floating in space, waiting for the slightest hint of movement.

You can download only those things that turn you on, rather than buy an entire magazine or video.

You can obtain it in the privacy of your home—without having to walk into a seedy bookstore or movie house.

Once they have your name and email, they know exactly who you are and will proceed to inundate you with unsolicited messages until you shake yourself free or “succumb to their venom.” In addition to risking your reputation by leaving footprints, you also risk being ripped off. ” They know most people are too embarrassed to fight back. I e-mailed my cancellation request numerous times, but they didn’t respond.

The online porn industry has popped up in the news recently for fraud and credit scams. One man I spoke with told me he’d signed up for a 1-week free preview, supplying his credit-card number. They charged me for membership three months in a row.

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Carnes estimates that 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women in the U. That accidental discovery drew Johnston, a 35-year-old father of two, into a secret habit that eventually led him to jail.