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Who is marvin sapp dating 2016

Hershman, Jr.; 3) John R., Lesta Ann Gibbons; 4) Jack Hershman, Helen R. Hershman, Virginia (Wilson) Hershman, Nancy Hershman, John E. Ward entertained the audience with a short talk; Col. Thanks to everyone in the Newton County Historical Society for their contributions to this fine publication. Our members are all volunteer and have busy lives and involvement in many other extra-curricular activities, so a few issues were combined, or possibly not published. 2) Winter window display at the Resource Center in Kentland – Winter Activities in Newton County, 3) 1955 Brook Kindergarten Class: Teacher – Choice Bartlett, Joel Hershman, Jim Miller, ? Freight Train Derailed: Engine and Thirteen Loaded Cars Wrecked – article reprinted from Newton County Enterprise, October 17, 1912Photos: 1) Sheff Tower located three miles south of Kentland in Benton County; 2) Bob Brooks of Kentland, worked at Sheff Tower; 3) Helen Rasher performing some of her duties as the New York Central station agent in Morocco. Table of player field goals attempted, field goals made, percent, free throws attempted, free throws made, total rebounds, total points. Photo: Elsie Eulalia Elijah, age 17; Miriam Ruth Elijah, age 14; Frank Elijah, age 49; Belle (Handley) Elijah, age 39; Markin Lawson Elijah, age 10; Kinder Allen Elijah, age 4; Frankie Elijah, age 1; Daily Virgil Elijah, age 7 (Diana Elijah photo)Photos: 1) South Newton Rebel Marching Band at Indiana State Fair, 1975 – cover of “Hoosier Farmer, August 1975”; 2) Steam Tractor Was Modern – Goodland, IN. Biesecker, from October 17, 1940, Morocco Courier; 3) Mr. Historian’s Corner, Submitted by Diana Elijah, Newton County Historian; Photo: White family: Tom, farmer; Frank, State Senator; Charles P., lawyer; Effa, never married; Reuben, minister; Sam, minister; Jim, dentist2013 Family History Division’s Coloring Contest Winners Awarded to Newton County Elementary Students. Bogan, same items; (4) Sherman White sold eggs, chickens, cream, turkeys. Photos: 1) Frank Williamson family, Harriet (Teeter) Williamson, Mary (Nichols) Teeter, Sade (Teeter) Strange, Jim ? Home is Where Your Story Begins – The Crisler and Blankenbaker Families submitted by Leslie Simpson Hall. 1880; 3) Hamilton and Mary Elizabeth and children (William Addison, John Henry, Emily Jane, Marjorie Ellen, Sarah Alice, Margaret Lillian, Allison Wilson, Archibald, and James Alfred Crisler)Photos: 1) Anice Louise Rouse and Jeduthan Simeon Hopkins about 1860; 2) Minnie Delilah Hopkins ca. From the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Wabash Magazine “good old days” feature. Photos: 1) Historical Society’s Annual Picnic at the Iroquois Conservation Club with speaker Coyote Larson; 2) Coyote Larson demonstrating setting a trap; 3) Coyote Larson presentation to Lincoln Elementary School fourth grade class at Resource Center Wedding Anniversary in 1939, from October 8, 1940, Morocco Courier; 2) Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. Photo: Bernie Murphy, President of the Newton County Historical Society, presents an award to the overall Morocco Elementary School Coloring Contest winner, Carly James Goodland Building Remains a Thriving Business with a Diversified Past. Later same building became Better Coil and Transformer, then Magna-Tech. Photos: (1) Paul, Diana and granddaughter Rae, visitor, Darrel Elijah, Mongolian visitor and Russian and Siberian visitors here to visit Caterpillar Plant in Lafayette. Davis; 11) George Ade Davis; 12) Isaac Lawshe, father of Hannah Hobby Club photos: 1) Sam Schultz & puppets; 2) display of members’ antiques; 3) Wanda Jean Herath’s puppies; 4) pigeon display by George Flowers, Jr.; 5) Mrs. D.; 2) Laura & Frieda Recher; 3) Frieda (Recher) Burns; 4) birthplace of Laura (Pratt) Recher in Johnston, Ohio; 5) Benjamin W. D., first physician in Goodland, INPictures: 1) Bethel Kessler and Frieda (Recher) Burns; 2)Bethel Kessler, Inez Baker, Frieda Burns, Lorena Kessler, Frances Hix, Anna Carpenter; 3) Frances Hix, Bethel Kessler, Lorena Kessler, Inez Baker, Frieda (Recher) Burns, Anna Carpenter; 4) Frieda (Recher) Burns, “Fat” Kessler, Laura Ewan, Lorena Smart, Ella Lobb, Edith Fuller Photos reprinted from September 1954 issue of Iroquois News: 1) Club members posing with bear skin from May 1953 issue; 2) winners of county fishing rodeo – J. Ayr, Carol Antcliff of Foresman, Richard Kukus of Sumava; 3) Don Morton of Brook with 36” Northern caught in Iroquois River Photos reprinted from Iroquois News, April 1954: 1) Beaver Lake Conservation Clubhouse, Morocco; 2) Floyd Ulm, Morocco, president of Beaver Lake Conservation Club; 3) Vernon Legg, Brook, with giant mushroom Cemetery Restoration in Progress in Newton County by Beth Bassett; Photos: 1) Doran Cemetery, Washington Twp, before and after restoration; 2) Riverside Cemetery stone for Hannah Benjamin before and after restoration; 3) Mark Davis and Helen Wildermuth rebuilding headstone at Riverside Cemetery; Helen Wildermuth and Mark Davis posing with a Troup stone at Doran Cemetery2) angel; 3) chains; 4) cross; 5) dove; 6) draperies; 7) scroll; 8) handshakes/clasped hands; 9) archways; 10) broken column; 11) tree stump; 12) fraternal orders and societies; more photos of headstones on page 19: 1) flag symbol; 2) Whaley headstone; 3) headstone with dog, mushrooms, doves; 4) white zinc marker; 5) King marker with several symbols; 6) grave covers, or lids Ind. Ayr, March 12, 1998 by Bud Brunton, Don and Betty Kennedy, Dotty Fellmy, Joe Brunton, Miriam Steinkamp, Don Hoon, and Jeanie Potter. Also information taken from recollections of Donna (Schanlaub) La Cosse, Sharon Leichty’s History of the Jasper-Newton County, Indiana Amish Settlement and the Miller Amish Cemetery and the History of Newton County, 1985Interview Gives Outline Story of Kankakee Valley Bird Life – from interview of Ned Barker at his Sumava cabin published in the Morocco Courier in 1934 and updated by Jeff Manes who resides on the Kankakee River. Photo: Jerry Selmer, HIS Board Chairman, Beth Bassett receiving award, Bill Bartlett, IHS Award Committee Chair Historian’s Corner By Newton County Historian Diana Elijah – Genealogy – Not an Exact Science. Clarence Dwellenger will move from the Agate from into house vacated by Mr. Sylvia Frye (Dorothy Arbuckle’s mother) with hammered aluminum trays; 6) Bernadine Miller art display; 7) Mrs. Lists birds of the Kankakee Region, Ned Barker’s observations in 1924 and Jeff Manes’ observations, 2013. More local advertisers/ads from the 1886 Patron and Farmer’s Agricultural Fair: Pine Valley Herd of Poland & China Swine, John B. Photo: Ransom and Mary Jane Elijah’s family: Charles, Ransom, Mary Jane, Cynthia Arminda, James, Franklin (Markin’s father), Alex (Vic Elijah’s father), Lori Ella, Iarmelia (Millie)Shoeshine Boy to Barber by Donna La Cosse, July 19, 1979 (Part of the above mentioned “Neighbor’s in Profile” series.) Photos: (1) John Ringer, 1951; (2) Mr. (2) Hamlin Smith moving to the farm he purchased of J. Smith, and Elmer Stucker will move to the Agate farm. at age of 3 months, second photo at age six months; 17) Platt Conrad at age 21; 18) Mrs. Includes Newton County Band Roster, Roster of the Newton County High School Orchestra, Roster of the Newton County High School Chorus...1953-54 Mt. Photos: (1) North from CR 800N to remains in 2014 of Shafer’s Ridge (Bassett photo); (2) CR 100E. Russell, Pauline Sirois, Ruth Sheppard, Belva Davis, Edith Madison. (2) Biting good on Kankakee River whether by fish or mosquitoes. Photos: (1) Brandon & Pearl Lash family: Barb, Brandon, Alice Jean, Betty, Charles, Donald, Isabele. (3) Mabel (White) Lash and Charles Lash Morocco’s Pocket Park and Wall of History – named for Betty Kessler, former owner of The Lunch Box and retired elementary school teacher. , Tude Conn, George Corbett, seated on end; Front: Jack Wise, Jessie Whiting, Fred Lyons, Charles Conn. “Micky” Staton and Lorin Kenny Photo #1: Omak, Washington, 1912, and the ad that appeared in the Omak Chronicle for Fink’s Shop in 1910. Photo #2: Goods created by Jacob Fink and for sale at his harness shop. 12) New England relatives, Milk or Sherwood family lines – Grandmother Platt on far right; 13) Jennie’s father, Le Muel Milk; 14) Col. Conrad, George’s father; 15-16) Jennie & son, Platt M. Gleaned from the pages of the Morocco Courier, 1940. Conrad – Concludes listing of the graves of all known Civil War veterans buried in Newton County. Townships of Beaver, Iroquois, Jackson, Lake and Lincoln included in the Fall 2013 issue. (2) On the Golf Links – July 17, members of the golf club played one-club match with George Ade turning in a 73 score for the round. (2) Morocco fire on Saturday night but town saved from destruction. Ayr: (1) During high wind, belfry blown from Missionary Baptist Church. Lake Village: (1) Sheriff Dowling at Lake Village to settle dispute. Photo: People from Chicago and suburbs unload from a passenger train to view and purchase lots in the Sumava Resorts area. Home is Where Your Story Begins - Newton County Historian Diana Elijah Recalls Memories of her father, Charles Lash.

Home is Where Your Story Begins – The Joseph Zoborosky Home, Beaver Township, Written by Beth Bassett. (3) Hershman & Lyons, Harold Hershman, Jack Hershman, John Connell; (4) picture from a more modern era, identities unknown. (2) Threshing day at the Jon Murfitt farm in Jackson Township. Lake Village newspaper owned by John and Claire Upfield, recently switched to an Offset Lithography press. Marker Placed for the Patron and Farmer’s Agricultural Fair By Janet Miller. Preston Roberts of Jackson Twp celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with son Bela F. Photos: (1) West by-pass of Lake Village created in 1963; (2) Newly created entrance on the south side of Lake Village heading north on U. Photos: (1) Marker near the site of the Patron and Farmer’s Agricultural Fair to commemorate George Herriman’s donation of land for the fair. Louis Sainte, Lawson Cooke, John Cooke and Louis Sainte. Hershman, Virginia Hershman, Gene Hershman, Richard Hershman, Bessie Hershman, Harold Hershman, Mark Hershman, Helen Safford Hershman, Helen R. Hershman, Suzanne Helms, Judith Helms, Nancy Hershman; 2) 1954, John E. Hershman, Jr.; 2) Harold, grandson Dean, wife Helen M.; 3) Richard “Dick” and Margaret “Gene” (Harris) Hershman shortly after marriage in 1943; 4) Scott, Bessie and Joe; 5) Michael, Scott, Elizabeth, Joel Hershman Photos: 1) Easter, 1946, John E.

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N.; Director of Nurses, George Ade Memorial Hospital Mari Lois Anderson, R. – Newton County Enterprise 2) Part of the crowd that was on hand to see Indiana’s best corn huskers “in action.” The contest was conducted on the County Farm grounds. Goodland: (1) Delphi defeated the crack Goodland team Sunday in a game at Spinney Park. Bell Cemetery in Beaver Township to be Restored – DNR and Beaver Township working to restore the small cemetery located half mile north of CR 300 S and one-half mile east of CR 100 W. List of local republished history books on sale at the Resource Center: The Saga of Jennie M. Ayr, Jackson & Colfax Townships; Roselawn, Thayer and Shelby, The First 100 Years 1882-1992; Ralph, The Story of Bogus Island; Hoosier Hunting Ground; Newton County Landmarks; Beaver Lake, Land of Enchantment; Past editions of the Newcomer; post cards; coloring books; DVD- Everglades of the North: The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh; The History of the Town of Goodland and Grant Township, Newton County, Indiana 1861-2014 Photos: (1) John Jenkins home, one-half mile west of Lake Village, Indiana.