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Who is diana ross daughter dating

And was her marriage to Bob because she feared what being an unwed mother would do to her career?

Also, she gave her amazing roles within the variety of series.

That's one of the things I admire about Bob Ellis and I wish him and Diana had stayed married, cause here is this man who knew from the start that the baby his new wife is carrying isn't his biologically but he was still happy enough to want to bring the baby (Rhonda) up as his own daughter, which I think is admirable considering the fact that when Rhonda was born it was so obvious that she wasn't a mixed race child but a full African American child, at the time I am sure Bob would have faced a lot of stick for bringing Rhonda up.

It might have not been announced publically at the time that Rhonda was Berry's but it was very obvious to everyone at the time that Rhonda couldn't possibly be Bob, especially after Tracee and Chudney were born (as babies and children, they looked just like Bob) whereas Rhonda looked nothing like him.

First of all, what does that say about Berry Gordy that he knocked her up, and then didn't marry her?

Secondly, if she had decided to just have the baby and be a single mother, do you think it would have harmed her career at all?

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