What is your age range for dating

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What is your age range for dating

It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships.

opportunity for you to meet other SINGLES your age in a comfortable, face-to-face environment.

If your early postcard says it was printed in Germany, it is from before 1915. Colored borders, partial borders and scalloped edges can be found.

The photochrome postcard should not be confused with Real Photo Postcards.

Here is the date range comparison between these 3 generations. As I said in a previous post, generations don’t end with black and white borders.

They fade into one another, so you will see an overlap of age.

However, there are many postcards that were never mailed or that a part of the post mark is illegible or soiled.

However, World War I shut down the German printing presses and cards started being printed in the United States or imported from Great Britain. Photochrome postcards have been produced from 1945 to present.

Real photo postcards are actual photographs printed on postcard paper. There may be some indication on the back of the card about the type of photo paper used - this is often indicated by the stamp box, which will be visible if your postcard is unused. The postage stamp can help you figure out an approximate age of your postcard.

There may be an exact amount of how much postage required to mail the postcard printed on the back of the postcard in the stamp box.

Does your card have the words "Private Mailing Card, Authorized by Act of Congress on May 19, 1898" on the back?

The words "Post Card" were not printed on postcards until December 24, 1901.

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Do you have an old postcard and curious about its age?

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