What happened to my dating place

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What happened to my dating place

But I think if I didn’t take my 33-day hiatus, it quickly would have become a problem in 2017.

Now, as I’ve noticed the diminished desire for alcohol, my alcohol fast will continue because what I have found without the bottle was peace, happiness, and contentment. Edward Looney was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 6, 2015.

Not only did I save money by not drinking, but I noticed I did not eat out as much either.

I would go out to eat and have a drink to accompany my meal.

As a bonus, because I was already at home and not out, after I prayed, I went to bed earlier, and got more shut eye each night, allowing me to get up earlier and pray more before the day began.

During my thirty-three days, I forced myself to deny drinking.

The first night I arrived at my new assignment, the pastor and I went out to a local establishment—an Irish Pub. It was a convenient place to go for a Friday Fish Fry or for Prime Rib on Saturday. During my visits, I learned of their BAC (Beer Advocates Club) and how if you drank 50 beers, you would get your name engraved on a plaque and placed on the wall. More recently though I experienced a loss in my life, and was grieving over it. But it became another justification, allowing me to unhealthily cope with my emotions.

Often, I would pull in and get a drink: “I just want a beer, and there is none in the fridge at home.” My more frequent visits labeled me a regular and I was known on a first name basis. I knew January 1 was a little over a month away, and I decided I would renew my Marian consecration.Even if you have one drink, I became convinced you act differently.Seeing the actions and behaviors of others after drinking inspired me to hold firm to my resolve.At Christmas parties, I refrained from any alcoholic beverages and had a white soda or water.I did return to my favorite Irish Pub to have dinner with friends, and because I don’t have cable, to watch the Packer game one Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t awkward, and it showed me that I could truly deny myself.

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