Warning signs you are dating a loser

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Warning signs you are dating a loser

Too many women are misled by the romantic myth that men are "diamonds in the rough" and we are supposed to "help" them become better men, often by sacrificing our own needs.We are socialized to believe that if we help them, take care of them, give up our own needs for theirs, they will "take care" of us. Of course, men are just as vulnerable- they often marry women they barely know, feeling that they have to be "mature" and "grown up" and then end up miserable because they're stuck with someone they have nothing in common with.He seems quiet gentle, even courteous most of the time, but blasts off like a raging maniac while watching sports on TV or ranting about social or religious injustice.This may be the sign of a secretly angry person who hides the fury behind a public false self and has to vent that anger in private.

The person is highly responsible, but only because he (or she) was from a dysfunctional family and was groomed to be Family Rescuer/Strong Person.The person has an active addiction or a medical psychiatric condition such as bipolar disorder and follows a treatment plan just long enough to look good and get you to marry them.Once you marry the person and (worse yet) get pregnant, all at once the person resumes the addiction and or goes off the psych medications.) Get Sharp Reader - our favorite RSS aggregator - it's free! Your friends and family have warned you that he’s a player, or a loser, or a (enter your favorite derogatory term for a bad boyfriend here) but you’ve written them off, believing that you’re going to be the one woman that can change him into the perfect partner. Find what makes you happy before you’re in a relationship, then find someone to share that happiness with. What this really means is that they’re looking for dysfunction so that they have the drama in their lives that they subconsciously crave.

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That one’s tough to answer, because it entails really looking at yourself and your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in a real, open, and honest way. And that’s when I asked myself this very same question and I realized that I didn’t like the answer. So how do you know if you’re ready for a relationship before you start one with either the wrong guy or Mr. If you’re showing any of these warning signs, it means you have some work to do on yourself before you can be in a healthy, happy relationship with someone else: 1. This typically happens because you’re subconsciously trying to sabotage the relationship from the beginning by choosing a guy who’s not actually relationship material. If you get an invite to a party or event, and you don’t have a man to bring, then you’re likely to make up an excuse, send your regrets, pass up the night out and sit at home feeling sorry for yourself because you are “oh, so alone.” Then, you spend the entire night Googling “best places to meet men” and reading articles about what men find attractive instead of doing something that would make you happy (like going to the party you were invited to.) The truth is that if you did meet a great guy while in this mindset, you’d hold on so tight so quickly that you’d most likely strangle the relationship anyway. Many women have a savior complex and they find themselves a project guy.

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