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Video chat realy

Video equipment links the VRS user with a TRS operator – called a communications assistant, or CA – so that the VRS user and the CA can see and communicate with each other in signed conversation.

Because the conversation between the VRS user and the CA flows much more quickly than with a text-based TRS call, VRS has become an enormously popular form of TRS.

Although FCC rules require that you have only one "default provider" associated with each videophone number, you are permitted to have multiple default VRS providers, so long as you have a different videophone number associated with each default provider.

This means that you have a choice of having one or multiple default providers.

The VRS caller, using a television or a computer with a video camera device and a broadband (high speed) Internet connection, contacts a VRS CA, who is a qualified sign language interpreter.

They communicate with each other in sign language through a video link.

As I wrote this morning, Airtime will re-humanize the Internet.

VRS, like other forms of TRS, allows persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to communicate through the telephone system with hearing persons.

Click one your friends and you can send them a personalized invite to meetup on Airtime delivered via Facebook Chat.

If they’re not available you can send them a sort of video voice mail.

[Update: And today at the celebrity-filled Airtime launch party, Parker told me that i OS and Android apps are “coming very soon”.] You could call it a more fun version of Skype, a one-on-one Google Hangouts with your Facebook graph, or the evolution of Chat Roulette. Pull in a favorite You Tube video or select one you’ve already shared to Facebook and instantly you’re watching together.

It feels simple, intimate, and casual — like you’re actually interacting in person.

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If you choose to have more than one default provider, each of your providers must honor your wishes to have more than one default VRS provider.

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