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In Siberia it would have been more difficult for these early humans to escape the cold.

The massive amounts of dust blown high into the atmosphere blocked the sun's rays and caused the whole planet to plunge immediately into an ice-age lasting more than 60,000 years. We do know that early humans in what is now Indonesia must have used boats.

Someone showed me a mammoth tooth they had found on the beach near the Lena pillars. But these carvings are nothing like the beautiful filigree caskets that were made in the 18th and 19th centuries, which can now be seen in museums.

The ice-age mammoth hunters had such a advanced culture, that until improved means of carbon dating from the 1960s on, it was firmly believed until carbon dating was available to indicate how long ago they lived, that these were neolithic people living after the ice age.

The people who lived them were primarily mammoth hunters.

They have been blamed for the extinction of the mammoth.

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