Updating my g1

Posted by / 26-Jun-2017 03:46

Updating my g1

To start with, place the SD card into your SD card reader attached to your computer.

If yo didn’t do the first thing I mentioned at the very top of this post, now is a good time to do it.

So the above explains how you get the file to your computer and in a place you know where to find it, preferably the Downloads folder.

Next we have to get this file onto an SD card to load to your camera.

It’s listed as the GH4_V25and has a Download Button for both Mac and Windows.

Putting this on an SD card is actually a superior procedure to a direct download to the camera from the Internet, which is the way Olympus does it.

If you want horror stories about Olympus camera firmware updates which are caused by a direct download from a web page directly to camera, take a look at this thread on DPReview.

The SD card is the way to go even though this whole process is painful.

To prepare the SD card for this file, I always Format the SD card in the camera prior to loading the new update to the card. Next, make certain the file on your computer, the one that showed up after unzipping the compressed/zip file, is the same size as it shows on the Downlaod page.

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Format the SD memory card in the camera, then take a couple of pictures. In this case a smaller card, 16GB or smaller should be used A. If you scroll down from the top you will see a heading tab What’s New. To get to the GH4, you have to first scroll all the way down to the bottom of this web page. Below that is the option to select either Accepted or Not Accepted. You now are taken to a page that actually does list and has the firmware updates for the GH4. Next, click on the Download Link for the GH4 in the far right column which takes you to the next page. As I mention above, this is just a screenshot of the TOP of the page you need.