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They come to expect that every knock at the door is the one that will send them packing.

Sometimes, however, The Turk catches players off guard.

Vic Carucci of the wrote recently that it wouldn't surprise him to see Brown not last the summer in Western New York."Ragland, who missed all of his rookie season with a knee injury," Carucci said, "was drafted last year exclusively to Ryan's scheme.

He doesn't have the ideal speed or quickness that Mc Dermott's defense requires.

Maybe it's a high-priced veteran nearing the end of the line. Whatever the case, the players listed here had best keep their guard up. Or else they might just hear a knock at the door one night.

It's believed that Clayborn will be a full go for training camp, and if that's the case, he'll have a chance to earn a spot as a rotational lineman in 2017. If he can't stay on the practice field this summer, Clayborn has the makings of one of the bigger "names" who could be getting that knock at the door. Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson is a renaissance man who enjoyed a renaissance season for the New Orleans Saints back in 2015, posting career numbers past his 30th birthday.Fear will soon wrap its bony fingers around the hearts of players all over the league.The specter of the grim reaper known as "The Turk" will stalk the land.Watson parlayed that big season into a free-agent deal with the Ravens, but last year Watson tore his Achilles tendon before ever seeing the field for the team in a game that counted.Now, Watson is a 36-year-old tight end attempting to make a comeback from a major injury for a team with salary cap issues that can clear million off the books by showing him the door. Watson appeared to have more than a little left in the tank two years ago, and his books on race relations and parenting show him to be one of the more thoughtful (or at least publicly thoughtful) players in the NFL.

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