Tda dating

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Tda dating

If you are not a member of a City pension, you may substitute deferred compensation contributions for Social Security as long as you contribute at least 7.5% of your earnings to your TDA/DCP.

If you are a newly hired employee and enroll in a TDA/DCP plan with a rate equal to or greater than 7.5% during the first 30 days of City employment, you are entitled to a refund of moneys deducted for Social Security (but not Medicare) from the date of hire until the TDA/DCP contributions start.

At his disposal, there was also a 4X optical sight coupled to the main gun, and a TSh K-66 sight/rangefinder.

The loader had an MK-4 observation device in the main hatch.

The hull was made of cold rolled welded steel, completely sealed.

Turret armor was 20 mm at 35° on the front, 16 mm on the sides, 11 mm rear and 8 mm top.

The main 6-cylinder, 4-stroke water-cooled engine was a straight in-line diesel obtained by halving the standard V12 of the T-54/55 series.The PT-76 (named after its main gun) was the first new postwar Soviet light tank.There was a tradition of building light amphibious tanks dating back with the local adaptation of the Vickers amphibious 1929 vehicle and the prewar T-37A, T-38 and wartime T-40, all mass-produced.The driver was at the front, fighting compartment in the middle and engine at the back.The commander was stationed at the left and loader at the right-hand side of the main gun.

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The TDA/DCP administrator will notify OPA when the contribution is re-established.