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Here are three photographs which I took of Keighley West Yorkshire K5Gs in 19.I grew up in Keighley and used these K5Gs every day because they were the mainstay of the cross town routes.The blind display itself is very informative, if not presented well in the photo!Thank goodness the re-build also included the lower PV radiator, otherwise the overall effect would have been greatly diminished! As John points out, ECW at the time were at full stretch, with full order books and a backlog developing, hence the rebodying of sixteen of West Yorkshire’s Bristol K5G ‘rehab’ chassis by Roe in 1950.

Keighley – West Yorkshire was established as a branch of West Yorkshire Road Car in 1930, if we believe the entry on Wikipedia.

Before the April 1954 renumbering, they DID carry fleet numbers here.

These Roe bodies were of exceptional quality and were ordered because ECW were unable to carry out the total rebody requirement for the K class pre war buses.

To cover this K rebodying programme, the G type buses mainly remained in service until 1951/2, and what memories they bring back!

With reference to the comment on West Yorkshire RCC by Richard Fieldhouse, United rebodied 4 prewar buses with Roe lowbridge bodies; LUT1 EHN 617 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT2 EHN 618 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT3 EHN 620 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT4 EHN 621 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R BGL 17-18,20-21, later BDO 17,18,20 & 21.

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In fact so desolate that some of the fare stages could only be described by "fourth milestone from Hebden Bridge" etc. One of my most treasured possessions is my 1960 fare book which I often dip into with great pleasure.