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Sex chat cymraeg

The Code does not contain anything specifically on Obscene Publications.The Attorney General, in a Parliamentary Written Answer on 16 June 1997, said that "in determining whether a prosecution would be in the public interest, the principal factors include: For either proceedings, the test of whether an article is obscene is the same and set out at section 1 of the OPA 1959.Therefore, depictions of non-consensual buggery will still be regarded as section 2 material.

The Obscene Publication Act 1959 has been amended to deal with electronically stored data or the transmission of such data (see section 1(3)).

The particulars of the charge should clearly identify the obscene article e.g.

"an Internet website entitled "Welcome" (exhibit reference KDW/6)."It is impossible to define all types of activity which may be suitable for prosecution.

The general rule used to be that English and Welsh courts did not accept jurisdiction over offences committed outside England and Wales.

That general rule is now subject to a number of statutory exceptions, as the UK has extended its jurisdiction to become extra-territorial for specified offences, and has made special provision for the determination of where the of the offence took place.

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The following is not an exhaustive list but indicates the categories of material most commonly prosecuted: Previously buggery involving humans (whether consensual or not) was regarded as suitable for prosecution under section 2 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.