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To account for this, it is said that the electric fluid is attracted by a high and conicalshaped mountain, called Diana’s Peak, and conducted by it into the sea.I was too much alarmed after the occurrence of the earthquake to go to bed for many nights.Napoleon had retired to bed, and it was not till the next morning that we saw him.He asked us if we had been frightened by the ‘tremblement de terre’ on the previous evening, observing that I looked pale and quiet.Little Tristram Montholon, who had some time previously retired to rest, came screaming to his mother, declaring that somebody had been trying to throw him out of bed.

Writing in 1844, Lucia Elizabeth Abell (neé Balcombe A. Suddenly we heard a lumbering heavy noise, as if loaded waggons were rumbling over the ground immediately under us.The island is actually the result of two separate volcanic eruptions.That in the north-eastern part of the island is the oldest.Known as ‘Seamounts’ these areas seem to be good places for offshore fishing.A list of the nearest is below: Various people reported an earth tremor on the island last Wednesday evening in Longwood, Sandy Bay and Jamestown.

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According to the Records, earthquakes were felt here in 1756, 1780, 18.

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