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Queued updating

Also import only allows custom properties that are not active directory core properties that typically must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory.For list of typical core directory properties see table listed later in FAQ section at this blog post.Property mapping between ID Type and Azure AD property: : System.String The name of the id property in the source data. Add("Property2", "Office Code")# Call to queue UPA property import $work Item Id = $o365.Uri -Argument List $admin Url$context = New-Object Microsoft. Exception will point out the property which is cannot be used.In this example case we have tried to map a JSON property to About Me property in the User Profile Service properties, but this is not allowed, since About Me is user editable property.The value of the property from the source data will be used to look up the user. This must not be transient as it may not be downloaded for some time. Execute Query();// Type of user identifier ["Principle Name", "Email Address", "Cloud Id"] in the // User Profile Service. Queue Import Profile Properties($user Id Type, $user Lookup Key, $property Map, $import File Url);# Execute the CSOM command for queuing the import job$context.

This capability has been now enabled in the first release tenants in Office 365 cross the world.Here's quick demo video on using the new CSOM API from managed code or from Power Shell. Identity resolution in this case will be based on the ‘Id Name’ property and we have three different properties, which are being updated called ‘City’ and ‘Office’.You can find used code sample, including sample Power Shell script, from the Office Dev Pn P Code Gallery. Information to be processed is provided with JSON formatted file. File contains information for four different accounts in the specific tenant.This capability is available in newer version of the CSOM redistributable, which has been also released as Nuget package for developers. Import only works for user profile properties, which has not been set to be editable for the end users.This is to avoid situation where the user profile import process would override any information which end user has already updated.

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Previously you could have taken advantage of the user profile CSOM operations for updating specific properties for user profiles, but this is not that performant and in case of thousands of profiles, operation is too time consuming.