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60GB, 40GB, 20GB, and 80GB systems alike have all been afflicted with the issue.We've contacted Sony for word on the issue, but in the meantime several of the more tech savvy forum posters have determined how to fix the issue, if you're willing to yank out your console's hard disk drive.i thought my update screwed up aswell - i started 2 download it and it got to 24% so i went 4 a spliff, when i came back it was still on 24% so i turned my ps3 off but on my tv it STILL said downloadin 24% complete, by accident i pushed the hold screen button on my remote, wot an idiot!!!!Okay, happy that someone actually posted their bias into their comments on this?First of all, I do wonder how many people who claim that they bought the console because it was able to use linux, actually bought it for that reason.

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”, may I personally suggest a bit more constructive criticism than this.

Of course, this could be an April Fools Day joke which may be accompanied with Ps2 Emulation which has been flung around for years, which is a personal hope for me…. I welcome any constructive comments here however please respect each others opinion, no flame wars and no one liner comments like the ones I mentioned above.

At least over here in Australia, I dont recall it ever being advertised that it had linux and the first time I actually heard about it was when I saw the icon in the settings menu.

To me, it just seems like a genetic comment that people are making, either to troll, Xbox/Wii Fanboys/Fangirls and I suppose some would have actually used it simply for linux.

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I will say one thing however, it was irresponsible of Sony to announce this with only a few days until the update. They should have at least announced it a week or two in advance.

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