Paula brancati dating

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Paula brancati dating

Who would you choose between Shay Mitchell, Anna Silk, and Ellen Page?

Now as much as I love films, it’s not very often that I’m willing to take a three hour trip just to see a movie.In the musical, she plays Miss Honey, the soft-spoken, book-loving teach-turned-mentor to Matilda.She calls in from Pittsburgh to discuss the show, Miss Honey's legacy and her former co-star: Drake.I was on “Degrassi” for three seasons but it’s been going on for so long that it has a life of its own.I was just texting with my friend [and former “Degrassi” writer] Duana Taha about how we can’t believe that it’s still on and how we’re so thrilled that it still reaches so many people. I worked with him and now it’s weird because I’m a big Drake fan.

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What’s it like joining a touring show mid-way through its run?

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