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What Soloway explores with Shea and Josh is a cis hetero man falling for a trans woman.The romance, as Lysette says, is "palpable," but most of all it's a real "boy meets girl" love story while it lasts — something rarely shown on TV.

And that leads to your blowup moment where you hit him with the heartbreaking line, “I’m not your f—ing adventure.” That was a really intense scene because we were fighting the elements. I have to give credit to Jill for her amazing direction in that scene. You had to go up against the fans rooting for Josh and Raquel (above).But I think it would be really awesome to see love in Shea’s life from a man and what that looks like. We need that blueprint of a trans woman being loved onscreen so that we can finally manifest that in the real world. I don’t think Josh is over either of you right now. (.) He is definitely a lost puppy who needs training.The season ended with Maura finding out she can’t have the gender reassignment surgery. That’s an important conversation too because I don’t think that our womanhood is reduced to our genitals.A lot of the violence with trans women happens with people who have been involved with us romantically.It also affects our self-esteem and the rates of suicide, it effects our overall quality of life.

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It’s unchartered territory for a cisgender man to really admire and showcase his attraction for a trans woman onscreen.

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