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In the Journal Browser, a search box can be used to look up journals on certain subjects. O’Sullivan, Joseph Keane, Lalita Ramakrishnan Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) enters the host in aerosol droplets deposited in lung alveoli, where the bacteria first encounter lung-resident alveolar macrophages.

Jacobsen, Anna Katharina Simon Neutrophils are critical and short-lived mediators of innate immunity that require constant replenishment.Inhibiting autophagy-mediated lipid degradation or fatty acid oxidation alone was sufficient to cause defective differentiation, while administration of fatty acids or pyruvate for mitochondrial respiration rescued differentiation in autophagy-deficient neutrophil precursors. Pang Double-stranded RNA (ds RNA) is a common by-product of viral infections and acts as a potent trigger of antiviral immunity. elegans, sid-1 encodes a ds RNA transporter that is highly conserved throughout animal evolution, but the physiological role of SID-1 and its orthologs remains unclear.Together, we show that autophagy-mediated lipolysis provides free fatty acids to support a mitochondrial respiration pathway essential to neutrophil differentiation. Here, we show that the mammalian SID-1 ortholog, SIDT2, is required to transport internalized extracellular ds RNA from endocytic compartments into the cytoplasm for immune activation.When one selects a journal in the Journal Browser, the following information may be presented: Publication date: 15 August 2017 Source: Immunity, Volume 47, Issue 2 Author(s): Yann M. Almeida, Thornton Thompson, Michael Chopin, Margaux Vienne, Pierre Bruhns, Nicholas D. PGL activated the STING cytosolic sensing pathway in resident macrophages, inducing the production of the chemokine CCL2, which in turn recruited circulating CCR2 monocytes toward infection.Transient fusion of infected macrophages with CCR2 monocytes enabled bacterial transfer and subsequent dissemination, and interrupting this transfer so as to prolong mycobacterial sojourn in resident macrophages promoted clearing of infection.

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Publication date: 19 September 2017 Source: Immunity, Volume 47, Issue 3 Author(s): Zhichao Fan, Klaus Ley In this issue of Immunity, Riffelmacher et al.