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He came to this understanding over the course of a long and tortuous personal struggle.Having resolved his inner conflicts by means of an "evangelical breakthrough," Luther began a public ministry that altered the course of Christianity and European history.It Is Also Noteworthy To Indicate That Evaluation Of Transformation From Traditional Activity To Professional Occupation Is Not Normative In This Study, The Intention Of This Study Is Neither To Idealize Professionalism Nor To Criticize Traditionalism In Nursing.In This Framework Two Groups Of Nurses Were Selected For Indepth Interview.However, on self-examination, Luther found what he felt for God was not love but hatred.Luther’s spiritual crisis had thereby driven him to commit blasphemy, which for him was the unpardonable sin.Then, in July, he suddenly abandoned his legal studies and entered a monastery of Augustinian friars. I will become a monk." Others referred to his despondency over the death of a close friend.

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Having studied at schools in Mansfield, Magdenburg, and Eisenach, Luther entered the University of Erfurt in 1501.

In 1502, he received the degree of bachelor of philosophy and in January 1505, graduated as a master of arts.

Unfortunately, Luther’s monastic sojourn accentuated rather than resolved his anxiety.

Brother Martin fully dedicated himself to life in the monastery, the effort to do good works to please God, and to serve others through prayer. He devoted himself to fasts, flagellations, long hours in prayer and pilgrimage, and constant confession.

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