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If all goes well, we are planning to band these two eyas on June 22.

Stay tuned for more updates on when this will occur. While everything is quiet in Elizabeth, we're busy conducting nest checks for hatching throughout the state.

The remains of the eyas have been removed and will be tested. Before the young even fledge, they need the perfect recipe to survive and thrive.

We hope to determine what went wrong with this chick, which may also shed light on why the other eyas died earlier in the week and was removed by the resident male. This cool, wet spring has been tough on many long time successful nests along the coast of New Jersey, who are the backbone for the state population.

On top of that, urban falcons have to deal with another threat, a pigeon-borne disease called trichomoniasis, which usually causes small lesions in the mouth and throat and can kill young falcons if not treated for the protozoan.

Usually early signs of the disease will show a dirtiness around the bill of young falcons, like the lone eyas at the Jersey City eyrie.

Although a NJDEP biologist was on her way to retrieve the sick chick in hopes of removing it and transporting it to a rehab facility, the eyas did die prior to her arrival. As we've watched this new pair attempt to raise their first brood of eyases, we've seen first hand how fragile life is.

As we get more and more severe storms with heavy rain in mid-late May, they increase the likelihood of failure at natural nest sites.

In addition, we try to visit nests shortly after hatching to treat the young for a parasitic wingless fly that can kill hatchling falcons if left untreated.

Viewers have watched this new pair incubate the huge brood of her and the previous females eggs while wondering which eggs would hatch first.

After the window for hatching of the previous females passed, we looked towards the hatch date for the new female.

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We are still not sure if the eggs are viable and if they don't hatch before the weekend, then they it's likely that they will never hatch.

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