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Thomas Carnival employees take pride in operating safely.

Experience and training combine with maintenance and daily inspections to create a safe environment.

Staff members attend seminars to keep up to date with the trends.

Communication with amusement ride manufacturers and state and federal regulators gives us the latest information we need to know.

My Dad had arranged the car so that he and my Mother slept on the floor and he made a shelf for my sister and I to sleep above them.

He built a large trunk on the back that contained a gas stove, pots, pans, dishes and eating utensils. The next season, my sister and I slept in one of the merry-go-round trucks, which also housed one of the gasoline powered electric generators.

Art initially began the carnival with two attractions operating in the southeastern area of South Dakota.

Over the years the operating area has grown larger and the number of attractions has increased where now our area of operation includes 10 states and we can offer up to 50 rides, 50 games and 15 food concessions.

A full service maintenance shop is carried on the road. All employees participate in the daily inspection process.

Over time, as the carnival became renowned for its fast jumps, one unit was designated “Zephyr” and the other “Bombshell.” Vern joined his brother in 1930 as the show’s mechanic.

He brought along his wife Florence, and their children, Bernard and Doris.

Recertification is required every four years, and we maintain it to this day. Presently there are fourth generation family members working in the business.

Since 1928 the Thomas Carnival has been devoted to Art Thomas’ idea of providing clean, safe and wholesome family entertainment for its customers.

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You, as the sponsor, receive a computer generated ticket sales report for each day of operation. We utilize virtually all ticket promotions popular today: Pay One Price, Moonlight Madness, Advance Sales, Food Bank Day, Pepsi or Coke Day, Kids Days and other discounted days. Having been in the entertainment industry since 1928, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise of fair and carnival operations.

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