Incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman cyprus dating forum

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Incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman

So be keenly aware of all such issues before attempting. Simply copy or ftp the export tablespace set and operating system level data files for that tablespace from the source to the target.

Remember to use binary mode transfer with a favorite ftp program.

The source and target database must be on the same hardware platform.

We can transport tablespaces between Sun Solaris databases, or we can transport tablespaces between Windows NT databases.

This is done because it is best not to move a data file into the Oracle environment until it is ready to be absorbed, which means the byte order has already been addressed.

And second, the convert was instructed about necessary file naming changes.

That is because the transportable tablespace process breaks down into two basic operations: export/import the tablespace metadata from/to the source/target database, and copy the tablespace operating system data files.

Note that one has to be granted the Transportable tablespaces were introduced back with Oracle 8i, but over the years they have incrementally improved quite a bit.

Each connection initiates an database server session on the target or auxiliary instance: this server session performs the work of backing up, restoring, or recovering RMAN backups.The counter value starts at 1 and is unique for the lifetime of the control file. %U is different for image copies and backup pieces.If you restore a backup control file, then duplicate values can result. For a backup piece, %U is a shorthand for %u_%p_%c and guarantees uniqueness in generated backup filenames.This means that the segments within the migration tablespace set cannot have dependency to a segment in a tablespace out of the transportable tablespace set. In order those datafiles to not to require recovery, they need to be in consistent during the copy activity. Transportable tablespaces permit the copying or moving of a tablespace from one Oracle database to another and are generally the fastest way to move data between Oracle databases.

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So if a tablespace is going to be transported from Windows to Linux, there is no additional conversion step of the data file necessary.

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