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Not fear about the life he may have to live, but her fear that he may not come home . Over the past three years I’ve seen explanation after explanation and still people deny racism. I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. It is toxic to both you and your partner, but especially to your children. I hope this woman’s racism is challenged before she does more harm to her family.

I wonder how her husband responds to her casual racist attitude towards their child.

Does she think he’ll be killed for being disrespectful?

Now I just understand that if they aren’t challenging racism, they support it. I get that this is her experience and she is doing her best.

Before you meet your date’s parents — and/or before you introduce your parents to your date — talk about your families. Discuss your parents’ attitudes on interracial relationships, their individual roles within the family, and to what degree you value their opinions.

If you know of any outright opposition to the relationship, try to prep your date with any background information — understanding perspectives can help soften attitudes — that might explain why your parents feel the way they do.

Now she sees that minor things like spending time alone with their white child or driving with a broken tail light are potentially lethal for her Black spouse. To tell her two-year-old Black child this: “You better make smart decisions. If you are anything less than these things, you might not come home to me one day.”There was so much in that one quote that I wished I still smoked. For a long time, I gave white people the benefit of the doubt. It was in the past six months that I finally accepted that all of this is 100% deliberate, including the “ignorance.” It is willful. My denial of this was the only thing that made me feel slightly safe in this world.

Finally, she is starting to see what’s been in front of her all of her life. I love how she made it all about her potential loss. I told myself that they didn’t know what they were doing. If only we explained it to them, helped them relate, then they’d understand. It was what helped me stay optimistic about the future and aided me in giving white people the benefit of the doubt.

One factor that still inhibits interracial relationships is a fear that family will react negatively and reject the relationship.I worried about how it would play out with our families and friends, the rest of the world. Instead, I hear odes to colorblind love and admiration for the white people who dared the ostracization of their white families and friends — something you don’t hear about the Black partner because it’s presumed that dating a white person is a come-up, not a downgrade. And I hold a mirror so he can see himself and ask if he’s being the person he wants to be.The one thing I didn’t really understand was how it would play out between us. I wrote about how I’d desensitized myself to a lot of casual racism in my life as a survival tactic. Then I wrote about retuning myself to hear the anti-Blackness in my relationship, and subsequently having to address it with my white spouse before we ruined our marriage. I read about the white person’s bravery and their struggle. Just yesterday I read a blog about an interracial family. Then we hold up a mirror so that we can see ourselves, together, because honesty and accountability are everything.There are a lot of reasons for this fear, including prejudice and racism among your family members, ignorance about other cultures, or a fear of cultural incompatibility.If you are worried about your family's reaction to the news that you are dating someone outside your race, you may want to initiate a conversation to let them know and to reassure them about any concerns they may have.

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The type of conversation you have may differ depending on whether you live at home or if you are an independent adult.

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