Harry potter dating game girls

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Harry potter dating game girls

*Draco* I am definately chess beacuase you have to think to win.*Hermione* Can I stop asking questions now? *Harry walks from behind the curtain* Hi Hermione.*Hermione* Hi Harry. *Miss Cassi* And for our last contestant, the very fired Gilderoy Lockheart! Anyway, if you were an anamalgus, what animal would you be and why? *Minerva* I choose contestant three.*Miss Cassi* Okay, lets show her the losers! *Severus stumbles out drunkenly and leans on Miss Cassi for support* Did I win?

*Dobby walks out and has the light shine on him as he waves hystarically* Dobby is happy to be here! Okay, I have made the best decision that I could make.*Miss Cassi* And?

He approached her."You don't have to try out Ginny, I'm only filling Katie's position.""Well I figured, you know, after Saturday…" she trailed off looking down at her feet in shame.

Harry was hurt by her dating Malfoy but that wasn't his business, so he told her so, "It's not my business who you date Ginny.""Harry…""I've got to go, I need a chaser or we don't stand a chance."She nodded and watched him walk away, a sad smile on her face.

*Ron* Cool...*All the contestants sit on a stool**Miss Cassi* And for our forth contestant, the pretty, smart, witty contestant four! She looks around excited for a moment, then walks over and sits down in the lay-z-boy chair**Miss Cassi* Okay! Contestent four, it is up to you to ask the questions now! Then you tell us who you want, contestant number one, contestant number two, or contestant number three. *Hermione shifts nervously in the recliner* Contestant number one? *Hermione Granger* If you were a song, which one would you be?

The changes I could make would be 'If I could turn back time, If I could find a way, I would run faster from the people trying to catch me today.'*Hermione* Exciting!

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She has on all green with a large yellow bowtie in her hair* Its time to play The Dating Game! For a prise this round, we will send our first lucky couple to beautiful Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and witchery. *Enter three siloettes**Miss Cassi* For our first contestant we have the very handsome Draco Malfoy! He looks like he was forced to be aired on the show.**Miss Cassi* For our second contestant we have the brave Harry Potter! He looks confused.**Miss Cassi* And for our last contestant, we have the unexplainable Ron Weasly!

*Harry* Oh, Definately quidditch.*Hermione* Okay, *looks bored* Contestant three? *Ron* I am a sloth 'cause they like to sleep.*Hermione curls her lip in disgust* Lovely. *Miss Cassi* Hey, I said you had to ask up to five questions. *They embrace**Miss Cassi* Contestant number three! *Ron wakes up and walks out from behind the curtain* *Hermione slaps him upside the head for being stupid**Miss Cassi* And lets show the lady who she won one date with! He sees her and runs away out the door**Miss Cassi* Hey! *Gilderoy walks out confused as the lights shine on him* What am I doing here? He is obviously drunk**Miss Cassi* For our second contestant we have our very own house-elf, Dobby! ) (Profanity) you all night.*Minerva looks disgusted* You need a hobby other than drinking. *Gilderoy* With my closest friends and family.*Minerva* Awh, sweet! *Miss Cassi* You are free to go home now.*Dobby snaps his fingers sadly and dissaperes**Miss Cassi* Lets show her who she chose! *Gilderoy walks out innocently and confused* Did I win? Okay, lets get this over with.*They leave**Miss Cassi* Okay folks! See you next time when we find the fellowship fighting over each other! *Severus stumbles out and has the light shine on him. Contestant number one, what is your favorite desert? *Dobby* I'm a slave for you by Britny Spears.*Minerva* Hmm... Contestant three, how do you like to spend your Christmas? *Gilderoy smiles dazelingly**Minerva* Oh yeah, thats my luck. *Looks shocked at him self* *Stands up, runs over to the wall and starts slamming his head against the wall* Bad Dobby! *Miss Cassi retrives him from the wall and puts him back on his stool**Minerva* Okay... *Gilderoy* Well, as I am not sure what I am doing here now, I suppose I would take you back to my ward on the fifth floor of St. *Severus* I don't know, but this rum I found was pretty good! If you were to take me on a date, where would you take me? Contestant number one, what is your favorite drink?

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