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For Vita, writing and gardening arose from the same impulse, irresistible in both cases, an unstoppable urge.“My garden all is overblown with roses,/ My spirit all is overblown with rhyme,” she wrote in a poem published in 1921.

Self-taught, experimental, romantic but also ruthless in her approach, she was the ultimate amateur genius.Over time the twin aspects of her artistry became increasingly entwined.In July 1907, the 15-year-old Vita recorded in her diary “the first money I have got through writing” — a prize of £1 for a competition set by Onlo oker to complete a limerick.That place is invariably an inherited house and garden.At Sissinghurst, Vita ultimately recreated something of the spirit of Knole in miniature.

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If literary scholars deny her the status of great novelist or great poet, they cannot deny the immensity of the wellsprings of creative inspiration which seldom failed her.