Executive order mandating lifestyle behavior

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Executive order mandating lifestyle behavior

Studies of the lifestyle behavioral response to genetic testing have included examination of response to testing for single-gene conditions (e.g., hereditary breast ovarian cancer syndrome caused by highly penetrant mutations in ), as well as common conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease) in which known genetic markers typically account for only a small percentage of risk.

Next, we propose that the receipt of genomic information itself can be conceptualized in two ways: as content, and as a process.As such, for providers and consumers alike, DTC genomic testing presents a clear opportunity for providing personalized health information that may motivate improvements in lifestyle behaviors, potentially leading to a reduction of disease morbidity and premature mortality [7].In the latter half of this article we propose several constructs that may be useful in guiding studies of, and the development of interventions for, positive lifestyle behavioral change in the context of personalized genomic risk testing.Finally, from the aggregate of the few studies that have been conducted, there is little evidence that the simple provision of risk information leads to sustained beneficial changes in lifestyle behaviors [8].We stress that these conclusions are with respect to changes in lifestyle behaviors, and that other behavioral means of risk reduction, for instance increased clinical screening test adherence or intent to screen in individuals found to be at high genetic risk, have been observed [4,6].

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In addition, lifestyle behaviors deserve separate consideration from more ‘medical’ health behaviors for two reasons: first, there is existing evidence that medical health behaviors that require involvement of a healthcare provider (e.g., altering medications or clinical screening) are impacted quite differently than lifestyle behaviors in terms of response to genetic testing [4,6].

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