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For example 145, 150, 137, 155, 144 is OK but 145, 150, 2355, 2513, 133, 143 is unacceptable. An occasional one is OK, but 2 or more in a row = fail.

It's OK to get small spikes from time to time where small is double your average ping. If your pings are bad but you have a Cable or DSL connection (note that satelite Internet is garbage and won't work), it is almost always uploading that causes it. Turn off all Torrent applications, turn off Dropbox, turn off Google Drive, turn off Live Sync, turn off anything that sends bulk data to the Internet.

Also, we are using ppsspp-v0.9.6-411-gc7dbb69-windows-amd64, but other recent versions worked with the same caveats.

This is a repost from my post in the PPSSPP Adhoc support thread.

I figured it would get better exposure as the first post in a thread.

You have to do this on your brother's/sister's/parent's/son's/daughter's/friend's/pet dog's computers. Also, in the past in other games I have experienced bad network pings and occasional dropouts due to using wireless networking.

If you are getting lots of bad pings and can't find the cause, try plugging in to the router and disabling your wireless.

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