Daughter dating a black guy dating persian woman

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Daughter dating a black guy

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My eyes and heart tend to steer me in that direction.

Pretty scarey, no job, no integrity, no ambition except what they are owed in life. And if you have concerns when it comes to your children, don't let political correctness get in your way. But if the person has good character, no matter what his skin color, religion, etc, then don't be a schmuck and give him a chance.

I am so shocked at this question, but even more shocked by some of the answers on here. I have never been in a welfare office, prison or the slums but obviously you have spent a LOT of time there! And YES, our president is BLACK, and the house he lives in is white. I I have less trust for that type of person, just because of pat history, statistic, and personal experiance.

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if he is a punk, tell him to hit the road To the very UNINFORMED parent.

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You have lost, ask yourself what is the best thing that could happen, and what is the worst thing that could. If your daughter already, is wanting to date a black kid. I guess we (white) people are the ones with the problem! Actually you do see questions like that in black magazines all the time.

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