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I appreciate your candor, and the questions you pose.Thanks for reading, Wednesday As a stepmom to 4 kids, I never ever 'flaunted' any gifts or excursions when the kids were with us to their mom (its sad that Rimes has to do that).What makes an ex-wife infuriated and irrationally nasty toward the stepmother of her children, even when that woman break up her marriage?Why does she undermine your relationship with her kids and do everything in her power to make your life hell? I write about where Mommy Tiger is coming from--and what you can do if your husband's ex has it out for the two of you--in the current, second-year anniversary double edition of Step Mom Magazine.As a woman married to a man who has 1) kids and 2) an ex-wife, and having written a stepmother-centric book on stepfamily life, my first impulse might be to feel for the stepmamas in these situations.But as a mother and occasional mommy tiger myself (you do NOT want to be that elderly gentleman at Starbucks who gave my three-year-old the hairy eyeball for coughing in his vicinity the other day, trust me), and having researched and written about wife/ex-wife resentment for the last several years, I have another take on what makes the Mommy Tiger rage--and how to tame her.I am his mother and he depends on ME to make sure his world is darn near perfect.

There's trying hard to avoid the stereotype of the wicked stepmother by being loving, welcoming and warm toward the kids--and then there's provocation.

And when is she rubbing her husband's ex's nose in it?

Sometimes a stepmother with the best intentions will enrage a mother/ex-wife by "overreaching" and encroaching on mom's role and relationship with her kids, while dad passively fades into the woodwork, presuming as he does that kid stuff is "woman stuff." It would seem that's what's going on here. Meanwhile we have A-Rod's ex, Cynthia Scurtis (who has a Master's degree in psychology), allegedly fed up that their kids vacationed with him--and Cameron Diaz.

reports that Alex Rodriguez--okay, A-Rod--is getting cozy with Cameron Diaz again (they broke up for a while this fall but are back together now), recently bringing her on vacation with him and his two young kids.

And his ex-wife, we're told, is not happy about it. Then there's the story--brewing for several months--of the animosity between Le Ann Rimes and Brandi Glanville (the ex-wife of Le Ann's now-official-fiance Eddie Cibrian) which frequently bursts aflame on Twitter.

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Wednesday, I couldn't agree more and actually have been writing about the Rimes/Glanville saga for months now.