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“Then ask yourself if you want to get to know someone online, or offline.

How you get to know someone can really change when you start online dating.” The class moved from a basic introduction to online dating websites, and Arents discussed the best ways to talk about yourself online, comparing it to writing a resume.

Some sites it’s just a matter of uploading a few photos, others require you to write paragraphs,” Arents said.A well-designed, up-to-date website is critical for a library of any size.Your patrons rely on your website for basic information about your library such as directions to a branch or upcoming events.Scammers often use incorrect grammar and spelling, because they’re generally not of English origin. If something feels fishy, cut it off,” Arents said.Despite the age of most attendants, Arents is optimistic that there are many opportunities available to people of all ages in online dating.

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“Anytime you’re talking about yourself, it can be really difficult, especially when you’re doing online dating, because you don’t want to brag, but at the same time you’re selling yourself,” Arents said.

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