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Dating royal doulton patterns

Before heading off to bed, he gifts her a library room since she loves reading.Though Rumplestiltskin attempts to hide his kind intentions, Belle is pleased and reaffirms he does have goodness inside of him.He imprisons the thief and tortures him on a daily basis.Belle, feeling sorry for the man, frees him while Rumplestiltskin is away.Jiminy wonders what will become of them, but Rumplestiltskin assures they will be in safe hands, he takes the potion and departs.

Eagerly, she accepts and gives Jefferson a royal passport to roam the kingdom freely.

Taking in Regina as a magic trainee, Rumplestiltskin is surprised to learn she has an older half-sister named Zelena.

He teaches her magic as well, and after the lesson, Zelena bakes him his favorite meat-pie.

In a deal with Sir Maurice to stop ogres from invading his land, Rumplestiltskin asks for his daughter, Belle, to leave her home and become a servant at his castle for an eternity, which she agrees to fulfill.

Belle is thrown in the dungeon of Rumplestiltskin's castle.

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Shocked, Zelena takes a look in the mirror to see a patch of green skin on her neck.