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An experienced relationship consultant,counselor and motivational speaker .Her stupendous traits and agitation for steady growth and development gave birth to Obaebae.

OBae Bae offers a platform that provides quality speed dating service where every participant is guided and undergoes a background check.Consequently, most girls are not keen on sticking with a man who does not have a stable job or earn substantial income. That is also true of many girls in virtually every country of the world. Besides, Lagos is a city where education is priority. Therefore it is difficult to pull wool across their eyes. Some men have misconstrued this to mean they are "too wise", too itchy for money. The result is that the majority are no longer innocent village girls. Every community has its own share of unruly individuals, male and female. That is ,after proper consultation has been carried out by our qualified psychologist / relationship expert .It is a package that can be requested by participants who are willing to go further in finding a soul mate .

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However, it enables prospective partners secure a trusting ground to meet one on one .

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