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Dating a wrestler jokes

We knew that we wanted people you’ve never seen before,” says Flahive.“I think we also needed actors who were also very game, really up to learn how to wrestle.” Those wrestling lessons may have taken their toll on the cast, but they were crucial to the storytelling.You have to sell their story.” As part of the show, all the women get wrestling names.Flahive jokes hers would be “The Insomniac”: “Just a woman walking around the ring, not able to sleep,” she says.“You can see them owning both the ring and their bodies in really awesome ways.” Key to the success of the show — as in Kohan’s “Orange is the New Black” — is the diverse ensemble cast, led by Alison Brie.Brie (“Community”) plays Ruth, an out-of-work actress who can’t land a job, and settles for the wrestling gig because she has few other options.Nobody over the age of 16 is being fooled here, not even by the WWE’s definitely-scripted cable reality show. Network, follows the company’s female wrestlers and has done a great job drawing in a new female audience to the company.Unlike reality TV, the main product has some legitimate written laughs.

That’s a conversation the showrunners had themselves.'” As the actresses — and the characters— learned how to wrestle, they formed a bond, report the producers.“I think that then percolates into the show,” says Mensch.Take Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, for example — three nerdy, likable misfits who were assembled together and given free reign with their characters.Now, thanks to creative insults, a trumpet, and a silly dance, they hold the tag team titles and boast the top-selling merchandise in the company. I think there’s a natural progression toward, ‘I want to do something that’s similar to wrestling, but I can’t wrestle ‘cause I’m just not big enough or strong enough, so I’m gonna be a comedian.’ I can be a different persona, I can kinda shoot promos on stage and I can be a different character.

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have been big ones, thanks to the surprising election results, the much-anticipated hosting debut of Dave Chappelle, Kristen Wiig returning, and the always-game Emma Stone.