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Being a go-getter coupled with autonomous thinking not only elevates your worth before men but also set very high standards forcing them to treat you with great respect.

When a bad boy courts such a lady he moves out his comfort zone and works twice harder in order to keep up with her.

When dating a bad boy you should never disclose your true intentions or feelings as he may use this to his advantage.

Beat him at his own game by keeping him guessing at all times.

A bad boy would, therefore, do anything to get whatever he ever wants without a care for other people’s opinions and feelings.

So ladies if you must date a bad boy ensure you are that one special lady and not the hundreds he takes for a ride.

Attraction can make enemies of the brain and the heart.

Making it your life’s mission to taming a bad boy is a losing strategy.

Let him strive to unearth the mystery around you making him feel like he chooses you not the other way round.

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