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To venture a guess I would say that among skeptics the dominant hypothesis is that some factor to do with the Sun is far more important than man-made CO2.

To the end that skeptics need an alternate hypothesis, I agree, and there are many working on just that.

(But hey, the IPCC quoted rather a lot of gray literature itself.

Donna La Framboise found 5,587 non peer reviewed articles in AR4.) Fabius Maximus deserves credit for finding and analyzing the study.

I imagine it’s easier to get papers published that don’t specifically poke the mainstream buttons.Dr David Evans (my other half) is still hammering through climate model architecture, assumptions, and solar datasets.Readers may be impatient waiting for an update; I can only say that sometimes the art of real research and discovery is better done in silence and without the pointless “bloodsport” of blog publication, but we are thinking “August” or “September”, and there are many posts in draft.He notes that only 64% agreed that man-made CO2 was the main or dominant driver controlling more than half of the temperature rise.But of this group (1,222 scientists), only 797 said it was “virtually certain” or “extremely likely”.

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Fabius Maximus suggests we exclude the “I don’t knows” which brings up the number to 47%.

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