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So, with that in mind, try as best you can to gain permission from your partner to put something on her phone.Better yet, make it an agreement, in which you both grant permission to the other to install the software on one another’s phones out of concern for their safety and well-being.Or we simply don’t trust ourselves: forgetful, harried, disorganised; we’re often not sure where we put our phone and need to find it to get on with our lives.We activate the phone’s features to make it trackable from other devices.Tracking uk is a online resource and blog focusing on the latest news and tips on how to use different mobile phone tracking technologies and location-based services in the UK.Our goal is to inform a broader audience on the pros and cons with this technology.Maybe you forgot it at home, dropped your phone on the seat in the subway, or gotten it stolen or misplaced at a bar or nightclub.Now you can find your mobile phone location with cloud-based service.

We have doubts about the trustworthiness of our spouses, our girlfriends or boyfriends: “Are they cheating on us? If only we can use their mobile phone to monitor their calls, we may consider.

All Kenneth Schmidgall had wanted was for the thief to return his mobile phone.

Schmidgall was a construction worker in San Diego: stout, with a shaved head and beefy hands.

Statistics show that every minute, 10 mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged in the UK.

Most are not found and the owner is left with a considerable loss – the […] The smartphone thief threw the first punch.

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