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Car registration dating

We sell personalised new car number plates from our own stock, private clients & unissued Department for Transport registrations.

All paperwork is processed through the Department for Transport's DVLA Swansea processing network previously as processed via the DVLA Car registrations offices.

maybe because there were so few cars back then that they were still a novelty! me and my sisters and friends used to go through the ladies section and one of us would name what we had to spot, and when the next page was turned, you had to slap you hand on that image. though was those shoes that were flexible, and the photo showed them bent in half.!

Head Msg12: Yep, know this game well, 100,000 miles a year for many years & used to do anything to avoid the dreading "nodding dog" syndrome!

We sell thousands of cheap private number plates & cherished registrations numbers and are market leaders for Cheap Number Plates.

R4V Number Plates - Cheap Car Number Plates & Cheap DVLA Personalised Cherished Car Registrations and Cheap Vehicle Registrations numbers.

Just seen the thread about finger knitting, and reminded me of when we were kids, we stood on the green at the end of our road, and noted down all the car numbers that passed. I told my daughter about this hobby recently, and she asked what we did with the numbers we collected, and had to tell her 'nothing'!!

We looked for things like necklaces, rings, hair bands, black or blonde hair..

You can however estimate the approximate age of a vehicle from knowledge of the order in which marks were issued: x IA, x DZ, x KZ (Antrim), x IB, x LZ (Armagh), x OI, x XI, x AZ, x CZ, x EZ, x FZ (Belfast), x IJ, x BZ, x JZ (Down), x IL, x IG (Fermanagh), x IW, x NZ (Coleraine), x UI (Co Londonderry), and x JI, x HZ (Tyrone).

(The initial "x" here stands for any letter: they are issued in alphabetical order (AIA, BIA, CIA etc).

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The current new 67 series plates & 17 personalised number plates are available NOW! We specialise in classic, non-dating quality personalised private number plates that can be kept forever e.g. Some of these personalised number plates are over 100 years old and are truly unique cherished car registrations numbers.

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