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Can carbon dating be faked

How can we trace our New Testaments today back to the originals?

How do we know that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote the gospels?

And, they say, if the Bible is untrue with such details, its story of Jesus’ redemption is also untrue.The proof is now at hand that “Jesus of Nazareth,” a long-standing icon of Western civilization, is bogus. On December 21st, 2009, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery of relics confirming the existence of 1st century Nazareth.Archaeologist Stephen Pfann, president of the University of The Holy Land, reveals, Also, prior to the 20th century, no tangible evidence existed for the Roman governor Pontius Pilate and the Jewish chief priest Joseph Caiaphas.Yet skeptics also state that the Bible was altered by early Christians to make it “fit” their theological views.But if they did alter it, wouldn’t they make sure all such “contradictions” were eliminated?

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Just as Robinson Crusoe, seeing but a single footprint in the sand, concluded that another human being, with two feet, was present on the island with him, so P52 [the label of the fragment] proves the existence and use of the Fourth Gospel during the first half of the second century in a provincial town along the Nile far removed from its traditional place of composition (Ephesus in Asia Minor).¹ Since this copy of John’s Gospel was found in an Egyptian town, hundreds of miles from where John resided, Metzger concludes the original would have been written much earlier.

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